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Cover Your Tracks!!!

If you are in an abusive relationship you need to take steps to hide your internet activities. Many browsers have features that display sites you have recently visited.   Even by following the instructions below, you may not be able to completely erase your tracks. The best safety measure you can use if you think your abuser might use your computer is to use another computer.  If you work, you may be able to use a computer at work on your break time.  You may be able to access a computer at a friend's house or the public library. Use any computer that your abuser will not have access to.




Email: If your abuser can access your email account, he or she may be able to read your incoming or outgoing mail.  The best protection is a strong password. Make sure you use a password that your abuser will not be able to guess.  The best passwords are at least eight characters long and include both letters and numbers and are not words that can be found in a dictionary.  Make sure they are not someone's name, a pet's name, your social security number, a phone number or any other recognizable name or number. Generating a strong password is important because software exists to crack passwords and if they are too simple it can be done with little time.

 Internet safety is an important step to safety and if you would like more information on the subject please call us at (906) 524-7078.

Note: If an abuser sends you threatening or harassing email messages, you should print them and save them as evidence of the abuse. Additionally, the messages may constitute a federal offense. For more information on this issue, contact your local United States Attorney’s Office.

History/Cache file: Your computer saves a record of every website you visit. If your abuser knows how, he can read your computer's history file. It shows the pages you have browsed lately.  You can clear your history or empty your cache file in your browser’s settings. You should delete these records so that your abuser does not know that you have visited this site.

Many of the newer versions of browsers have an option to erase your history very easily.  The newest version of Netscape, for example, has an icon that looks like a blackboard eraser.  It says "Clear the history of pages visited". This icon is located just to the right of the Security Center.  (If the icon is not visible, click the little arrow and it will become visible.) By clicking on that icon, your tracks are erased.

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